Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year to you all - here's hoping that we all have a good one!

Not much to report, had a nice Xmas with friends and a quiet NY, Holly was working until 8pm so needed picking up, so we had a family evening with a take-away and game of Cluedo...!  Rich wasn't impressed - but Harvey thought it was fab lol!!

So wait for NY weigh-in....this morning...... 78.8kg (12.4lb) not good, but could be worse.... I guess?!?!?  So I'm up 3.8kg (8.4lb) from my lowest weight to date....  This time last year I weighed 81kg, so am a couple of kilo's lighter than then.... not sure if that is good or bad!?!  So my goal is to definitely to loose the 3.8kg that I re-gained..... and hopefully get to my ultimate goal of 70kg -  if I can't get there then I want to get back to 75kg and maintain......

Nikki in UK if you are reading, you are looking absolutely fantastic - you will be my new inspiration!

Anyway, love to you all


  1. DO NOT GIVE UP...... GET BACK ON IT, or I wont visit you in Dec/Jan. You have worked so hard, dont lose sight of the goal :-)

    1. Hi hun, only just seen your comment!! Back on track - will be super slim and sexy for your visit - I'll be able to share your clothes :) x