Thursday, 23 October 2014


Weigh-in Friday...... 77kg gulp...... the scales are moving in the wrong direction!!

I think I must have left my mojo back in England......., am becoming very complacent, not making wise choices, and not following the banding rules!  My meals are OK, but its everything else that isn't!  Constantly making cakes, scrolls, biscuits in the thermomix for the kids isn't helping as am sampling everything I make....... and who invented "Marvellous Creations" chocolate..... appear to be addicted to the stuff!!!

Really need to get back on track...... will spend the morning re-reading the rules and will try to avoid snacking this week!  Am not really noticing my fill either, so that's not helping either!

Other news, Richard has returned from China which was quite an experience apparently, whilst he was away had the house valued and went to view a couple...... am in the mood for a change and move!!  Harvey has had an overnight school camp at the zoo - how awesome!  However, as he doesn't do sleepovers, he really didn't want to go and was getting quite anxious, I thought  might get a call asking to collect him but so far so good.

Just bought a new dress for Melbourne Cup day, a strapless green and black number, got a black fascinator to go with it.  Having a girlie day at the resort, 3 course meal, wine package, dancing and off course the racing - should be fun!

Mum and Dad have booked their flights to come for a visit in March, so something to look forward to.  Might take advantage of them being here and head off for a few nights somewhere with Rich leaving the kids with Mum.

Well hope everyone is travelling well.......x

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