Friday, 17 October 2014

Woo hoo I'm back.........

Woo Hoo..... I'm back....!!!  Hi guys, a little late posting, I've been back in Perth for 2 weeks now, kept meaning to post but haven't got round to it!!

Well, where should I start...... we had an absolutely amazing, awesome time back in the UK!  Very full-on and busy but were able to spend some great times with family and friends and have come home with some awesome memories.  I still would like to bring Kate and my gorgeous nephews, and my Mandy over in my suitcase and never let them leave...... guess I'll try that next time!

We were able to be part of Dad's 70th birthday, which was the reason for the trip and a great time was had by all at his party!  We saw "Charlie & the Choc Factory" musical and Riverdance shows in London, we did the London sights, we visited Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures and Harry Potter Tour..... to name just a few things.... and the weather was awesome the entire time!

Sadly the goodbyes never get any easier....., but we then had 4 days in Dubai which was great, and were also able to catch up with Richard's brother, sister-in-law and sister who came to Dubai also!  A great time, very hot and glam place, spent lots of time in the waterpark, swam with dolphins, tried skiing..... and finally found a couple of hours to chill on a sunlounger - awesome!!

Now.... what did I eat.....  EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING...... chinese, indian, american, italien, pie mash and liqor, and good ole blighty food, washed down with copius amounts of alcohol.  I had some fill out before my trip taking me down to 5.8 in my band and I never had a stuck moment or arkward moment the entire time!  However, despite all this time with the band.... it seems I still have not learnt any self-control...... a ate loads of food one evening at the Chinese eat-all-you-like, it went down no problem, buy boy did I feel uncomfortable after!!!

How much weight did I gain....... just 1.6kg - how fab was that, I was expecting to have gained so much more...... we did do loads of walking though..... so back up to 76.8kg.

I've since been back to the clinic and had the fill put back in..... but doesn't seem to be making much difference yet.... can still eat lots!

I must now start some self control and try and shift the last 5kg to reach goal.  Think a review of the banding rules may be  good idea....x

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