Friday, 11 July 2014

Never ending journey.....

.... 76.2kg..... no change there then!  Although sometime last week the scale read 77kg, so I guess 76.2kg is good!

Devoured an entire bag of toffee popcorn last week wtf...... why.... because I can.  A good reminder that the band is a around my stomach and not my brain.... and that I must not give in to that  evil nagging voice telling me "go on, eat it, once won't hurt", all the sweets, chocolate, crisps are known as sliders and the band has no impact on these at all, I could eat sliders all day long and not feel blocked but I MUST NOT!   Just goes to show the lapband is not a fix, but a never ending journey on which I must always stay on top and focused!

Received a letter from the Dr saying my recent blood test shows a low level of Vit D and that I must start taking a tablet.  Vit D is essential for strong bones, muscles etc and the best source is from natural sunlight..... you can tell therefore that it is Winter here in Perth...... but next week I'm in Bali with lots of sun - hopefully!

Do you remember that I mentioned Rich and I were expecting a child-free weekend last week as Harvey was at camp and Holly at friends?  We were planning on going to the city for the evening..... alas was not to be.... Harvey wouldn't do the "sleeping over" part of camp, so I was dropping him off each morning at 7.45am and picking him up at 8.30pm..... ho hum!

Tonight I'm supposed to be out for drinks with friends, although what was a girlie night out is now with hubbie's too....., problem is I have a 10yr old and no-one else does!  Tomorrow is the weekend, we are off to the Perth Food & Wine show...... (have you noticed how my life seems to be focused around food and alcohol?!?!?!?), and after that we are booked in at Perth Winterwonderland for some iceskating, so should be fun.  Dinner at friends on Sunday (food again...), and then I'm off work next week.

Not feeling a huge amount of restriction from my band, so think I may have a small fill when I get back from Bali, hopefully loose a little more before my UK trip.  Anyway, hope everyone is well....x

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