Thursday, 24 July 2014

Back from Bali......

Returned from a wonderful 5 days at the Bali Hyatt, a great few days away with the family.  I managed to eat breakfast daily (I don't normally bother with breakfast) but enjoyed chocolate croissant and nasi goreng...... would have lunch (taco's or salad or pizza) followed by dinner (usually something indonesian)..... washed down with copious amounts of alcohol....... hey, I was on holiday!!  But the great news is that I weighed in today at:

   76kg / 11st.10lb

so I didn't gain anything - whoop, whoop!!  Must be a fluke!!

However, I haven't lost for ages now, am maintaining and still have another 5kg to go..... so have made an appt to see the Dr on Monday for a smidgen more fill - am hoping this won't take me too tight, there is such a fine line.

Anyway, back to Bali -  the hotel was fabulous and the grounds amazing, had a chilled time which was great.  Both the kids and I had temporary tattoo's done, here's mine, what do you think?

Temporary tattoo
Unfortunately, Rich got a dose of the Bali Belly, and is still not right, so has got tablets from the Dr.  5 days was long enough, as Harvey tends to get fidgety lying around the pool relaxing, but I loved it, and the weather was fab.   Went to Nusa Dua this time, which is a part of Bali I much prefer......, highly recommend it.

It is bloody cold back here in Perth..... and wet..... Winter just makes me want to eat, does anyone else find this?

Now we are on countdown for our UK trip in September, so looking forward to catching up with friends and family, its 5yrs since we've seen some of them.... even more of a good reason to loose those final 5kg..... will get to see my Nan again too :)

Anyway, hope everyone is well....x

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