Thursday, 26 February 2015

There is no ending.....

Some philosophical mumblings.....    My blogs starting to go quiet now as I'm running out of things to write now I'm maintaining.  I've written about my journey and experiences along the way, but now life is just ticking along, and this is it - there's nothing new to say.  My journey with my band will never be finished as its a lifelong change that needs maintaining.... there is no end... but this is it now, I know what needs to be done and I know how to do it (whether or not I make the right choice is another matter), does that make sense?!?!  

I could and maybe should get some more fill in order that I can loose those last 5kg (11lb), but then my band would feel really tight, I'd have many stuck moments, wouldn't be able to comfortably eat out which would affect our social life, and would probably be quite miserable - is 5kg worth that?  Some people might say by not loosing the 5kg to ultimate goal I have failed..... what do you think?

I can buy clothes of the shelf now and don't have to shop in outsize stores, I can buy nice things, that are in fashion and know that I look nice, which empowers me.  I'm not skinny, I'm never the smallest person in company, but I'm not always the biggest anymore, and that feels good too.  I can sit comfortably in an aeroplane seat without the seatbelt being pulled to its limit and can have the snack table down flat too.  I can go on the waterpark chutes with the kids if I choose and know that I won't get stuck in the ring and feel every bounce and knock on the way down.  I can wear skirts and dresses and not have my thighs chaff, and I can wear a swimming costume and not feel out of place - to me that all rings of success!

My apron belly I hate, but I could take the steps to have surgery to remove it.... and maybe one day I will, I shall see.  Maybe, one day soon or in the future I'll make a concerted effort and loose the 5kg that are hanging around, I shall see - but for now I think I am done!

Well, I'll leave you all with a funny pic:

Hope you are all travelling well, speak soon x

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