Sunday, 26 May 2013

Back to normal week.....

Back to normal week.....

Here's how I'm healing 1 week after surgery:

Yep feeling really well so all back to normal and back to work!  Have been walking our dog Chester since last week, but managed a 5k power walk with him on Saturday, just a week post-op so pretty good going I'd say.  It was a beautiful day here in sunny Perth for a walk, and I could see my shadow on the ground as I marched along...... I swear my shadow looked skinner than normal.... ;)  Anyway, when glanced at my reflection in the shop window this morning I looked huge..... mind games I guess!

TOM appeared on Friday, so haven't lost any further weight, in fact gained 0.6kg / 1.3lb..... (must be hormonal, can't possibly have gained anything from the limited fluids that I am allowed at the mo), things are not moving along either... if you get my drift..... so had to stop by the chemist yesterday as well.

I must post a pic of gorgeous Chester, he's our 2yr old cavoodle and is the only one in the house that doesn't argue back, give me lip, moan or fall asleep drunk on the sofa..... he just falls asleep when he's tired himself out using the Wii...!

On another note we've got ourselves a treadmill....  I keep reading about the "Couch to 5K" program, and have decided to give it try.  The bookies are placing bets as to whether I start the program or use the treadmill as another clotheshorse - watch this space!

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  1. LOVE the photo of Chester, lol!! Looks like you are healing really well!