Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pre-op appointment

Had my pre-op appointment on Friday 3 May 2013, which meant an hour with the dietitian and an appt with the office doctor.

It was useful seeing the dietitian (although I did wonder how such a young, petite and slim person could relate.....) however she was very nice.  We looked at my diet and what would need to change; she had a great visual book showing pictures of different foods and calories..... Did you know one glass of red wine =18 prawns, now I could easily devour a bottle of red wine, not sure I'd sit and eat that many prawns after having my evening meal though!??!  Anyway, back on track...., she told me that I would need to start the pre-op diet ASAP which would comprise:

- 2 x optifast products daily eg. breakfast/lunch
- minimum of 2 bowls veg (not all veg, only those on her list)
- palm size lean piece of protein
- limit to 1 drink of caffeine
- unlimited water/low cal soft drink

Started the pre-op diet on the Monday, which meant that I had 10 days before my op, and have to say I really didn't find it too bad.  I thought the opti-shakes were OK, and actually quite enjoy the banana flavour.  I made veg soup (tomato curry and cauliflower and leek) which I would have for my lunch, and would have lean meat or fish with salad for dinner.   An opti shake for breakfast, and another for afternoon tea.  (Infact I am finding the liquid diet 2 weeks after surgery more difficult!!!!)

I weighed in the day before surgery at 96kg / 211.2lb / 15st - whoop whoop! (loss 4.4kg / 9.6lb)!

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