Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Challenges/Defining moments...

I truly believe that life is to be lived.... there is "no action replay" in life, so have no regrets....!  I would describe myself as being a "half-glass full" type of gal as opposed to "half-glass empty", I try and see the good/best in most things.

Very cliched I know, but I had a great childhood, was loved and encouraged in everything by my parents, and was raised to believe that I could achieve anything.  As such my weight was never a problem to me in that it never stopped me from doing or trying anything.  Of course, I can remember moments of wishing I could fit in the new farrah trousers everyone was wearing at middle school, the tight denim fit jeans etc but I can't honestly recall being teased about my size as a child.  Even as an adult I am not embarrassed to wear my swimming cossie if we are at the pool/beach (which is often living here in sunny Perth), and friends often don't believe me when I say yes this top is a size 22, they assume that I'm smaller than that.... why I ask myself.... perhaps I carry my weight well, perhaps I don't give a damn, perhaps I feel this is where I am at, mmm I'll have to think about that one.

We all face challenges and defining moments in life, here are the key ones in my life's journey

- loosing my very dear friend 13yrs ago now
- emigrating to Perth, leaving my family and so many close friends behind
- being given my cochlear implant operation to overcome my leftside deafness

of course there are numerous other personal occasions, but all of the above have affected and defined my life and how I live it in some way...

- WLS (weight loss surgery) - well this is the new challenge for me.... I don't want to be "skinny", I just want to be healthy as I get older, and be able to shop where I like, and feel sassy in what I am wearing!  No regrets remember, I will get there.... x

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